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Lutz finally finds a place in the elven lands where he’s been accepted, despite his title of False Hero. He works tirelessly to protect the elven forest from a deadly disease and a rampaging horde of demons. But just as he puts a stop to the plans of Chaos to summon an army at the elves’ doorstep, he receives a pleading message from Princess Lumina.

The Orakian Kingdom’s capital city of Roshar is under siege, and the walls have been breached. Fearing the end of her country, Lumina requests help from Lutz using the artifact he gave to her when they last parted. She follows his orders, heading to her private chambers to use yet another artifact give to her by Lutz. When she casts the spell held within, a teleportation circle appears on the ground. Immediately after, Lutz, Laya, Alisha, Belle, and Tylith all appear before the shocked princess.

For the first time since his escape from the dungeon, the False Hero has returned to the castle.

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