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Actual Age13
Visual Age13
Unique SkillsCurse of the Forsaken, Protector

After fleeing from her home country in the beastman lands, she was captured by humans and made into a slave. She couldn’t handle her old mistress’ disregard for her fellow slaves lives, so she and Belle hatched a plan to kill her.

It worked, but life on the streets was tough. After receiving a wound from a guard, she was found and saved by Lutz, who took her under his protection and began to train her as his party’s foreguard.

Unfortunately, her Unique Skill, [Curse of the Forsaken], greatly lowers her stats and Skill Points. Because of that, she’s struggling to fit into Lutz’s increasingly powerful party. She makes up for her deficiencies with a large amount of effort and willpower, but how long can it last?