Book Review – Send Me An Angel

Sun Dec 12 2021

Send Me an Angel:

A Gamelit Fantasy (The Divine Koan Book 1)

Written by: Cebelius

Description from Amazon

Grant a wish …

One of the few chosen to remain awake, Michael Hobbes lives a boring life aboard the ark ship Odysseus, dreaming of his time in the virtual fantasy world Argos as he waits for his five year tour to end. Yet his return to stasis is fraught with peril as a rogue AI – last legacy of the war that ended life on Earth – slaughters the crew.

Once inside the game he realizes his troubles have only begun. Unable to destroy the ship, the hostile intelligence has invaded Argos.

Partnered with the most powerful human player, the rogue has introduced a new mechanic: true death. With no way to leave stasis and regain his administrative controls, Michael Hobbes must quest, conquer, and gain allies to take on a seemingly unstoppable guild.

Hobbes is no leader and ill-suited to become one, yet the fate of the human race rests on his shoulders, and his only hope of victory is to follow a unique and seemingly impossible quest chain. The Divine Koan.

This is an absolutely Epic litRPG Hero Adventure

If you enjoy gritty, reluctant hero stories – then you might want to grab this little gem from Amazon.

This is one of Cebelius’ earlier works and almost wasn’t published. The author was kind enough to included a short history of the book at the very end with the details if you’re interested.

Just imagine, this heroic treasure may never have been shared with the world.

That, good reader, would have been a tragedy.

This author made their initial start with more adult stories, so consider yourself educated on the content if you go looking at Cebelius’ other works. If you want something fairly clean and fade to black, then take a look at the T.A.P. series. It’s a strange, awesome, fun ride that you won’t regret.

If the AI Homer from “Send me an Angel” was here, then I’d tell him exactly what the next step in the quest chain should be.

Grant another wish and give us book two.

The story is solid as a stand alone, but leaves so much on the table that it would be a crime if we don’t know more. Does Nadia finally win Hobbes’ heart or does he snap and walk off a cliff when she calls him Michael for the ten thousandth time.

Raw adventure, the fate of mankind on the line, a hot blue Deva sent from the Gods to heal a broken heart (apparently by driving the poor hero nuts) and a lost scalp of hair. Roll that together and if you go by the name Ceblius then you shake it up and pour out one of the greatest litRPG hero stories written.

Don’t take our word for it – hop over to Amazon and grab a copy.