About Michael Plymel

I’m Michael Plymel and this is my story​…

Sitting in a squeaky chair with a wheel that just doesn’t seem to roll right anymore, staring at a computer monitor that’s got a flicker just noticeable enough to bother me but also subtle enough for my supervisor to ignore my request for a replacement, and dealing with managers so stressed about schedules and deadlines that they’re forced to take high blood pressure medication to make it through the week.

That’s the future I saw for myself. It’s the future I was working toward when I started college at the age of 34 after nearly two decades of working various manual labor jobs, including deconstruction, woodworking, electrician, and most recently, factory worker.

Then I was summoned to another world. A world filled with monsters, magic, villains, heroes, and adventures. The world of LitRPGs.

So, I said goodbye to my previous life and embraced this new world in hopes of bringing readers a bit of the excitement I feel while bringing this world to life.

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